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Not a new thought, but when Bruce throws that rope back down to the prisoners in the Pit, he really has no idea who he's unleashing on the world. Sure, some of them might be there because they just pissed Bane off, but I'm guessing a good portion of them are actually really really terrible criminals.

Way to go Bruce.

Way to go.
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Vital questions:

Should the pegging square be Miranda Tate/John Blake or girl!Harry/John Marcone.

And why is there always a John in my favorite pairings?
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All. Your. Fault.

kink bingo card image cardset1-348.jpg || row 1: | competition | food | ropes / chains | prostitution / sex work | foot fetish / shoe fetish || row 2: | negotiation | crossdressing | enemas | penance / punishment | pervertibles || row 3: | service | watersports | wildcard (icon #58 contains: sex toys, spanking / paddling) | medical kink | voyeurism || row 4: | writing on the body | wet messy dirty | drugs / aphrodisiacs | gags / silence | hypnosis / mind control || row 5: | vanilla kink | tattoos / tattooing | shaving / depilation | pegging / strap-ons | leather / latex / rubber

*cracks knuckles* Well. PS: Of *course* I got watersports. My whole fic life revolves around watersports these days. The kink gods are watching....
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and decided to try Kink Bingo for the first time.

As usual, I have no idea what I'm doing.

You should probably run away.

wet messy dirty bodily secretions bloodplay gags / silence ageplay
gender play begging smacking / slapping tickling crossdressing
genital torture authority figures wildcard - (watersports) virginity / celibacy teasing
in public gangbang uniforms / military kink enemas pegging / strap-ons
caning penance / punishment sleepy / unconscious consent play bodies and body parts
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Fandom: Dark Knight Rises

Pairing: Bane/John Blake

Characters: Bane, John Blake, Barsad

Warnings: Non-con

Kinks: Watersports, abduction, gags, handcuffs, humiliation

Note: Written for the DKR Kink Meme. Because I'm a meme addict. I'm also using it for the wildcard on my kink bingo. Because I *can*.

And there goes another kink I never thought I'd write...

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Fandom: DF
Pairing: None
Characters: John Marcone, Harry Dresden, Karrin Murphy, Nathan 'Cujo' Hendricks, Ebenezar McCoy, Anastasia Luccio, OCs
Kinks:  Contains non sexual submission and collars.
Notes: Fill for this prompt on the DFKM.

Harry gets something he didn't know he needed
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One day, I swear I will get the hang of titling things. That day is far in the future.

Fandom: The Avengers (2012)
Pairing: Bruce Banner/Clint Barton
Characters: Bruce Banner, Clint Barton, Thor, Natasha Romanov
Kinks: Crossdressing, oral sex
Notes: I keep saying everything is [personal profile] forestgreen 's fault. It remains true.

First kink_bingo fic, done! Yay!

Whether in Purple or Rags

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Right. Clearly I need a plan, or I'm just going to keep picking random squares on the bingo card and never actually manage a bingo. A blackout would take care of this whole problem, but let's not get too greedy, okay?


So. We're going to be like a sensible person.

I've got...let's call it 85% of the crossdressing fic done, so we'll base the bingo on that. The easiest one would be a straight up and down line.


Ageplay - Harriet/Marcone (Dresden Files) - Playing for the Crowd verse (the thing with Hendricks?)

Crossdressing - Bruce/Clint (Avengers) - sidestory for the Clint mpreg fic still in unpublished progress

Teasing - ???

Pegging/Strap-ons - Kitai/Ehren, Kitai/Tavi/Ehren (Codex Alera) *or* Jessica/Mike (Suits) because the end of ep. 2 this season has given me Jessica/Mike feels

Bodies and Body-parts - ???

Actually, I could do a Jessica/Mike story for either teasing or the bodies/parts square, which just leaves me with one more square to think up. I can totally do this...
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Fandom: DF
Pairings: John Marcone/Harry Dresden, Thomas Raith/Harry Dresden
Warnings: Incest, Manipulative Marcone
Kinks: Voyeurism, semi-public sex, masturbation, come play, handcuffs, rough sex
Note: Fill for this prompt at the meme

My Marcone is a manipulative bastard. I love him anyway.

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Went to see the Avengers for the fourth time, since one of my friends has been trying and trying and never managed to make it with the rest of us. I know, I know, such a chore. But I'm a giver, you know? Always willing to sacrifice for others.

*looks noble*

Best part of the whole thing? Aside from the actual viewing, of course, which is *always* wonderful.

My non-slasher (or fanfic aware) friend as we're waiting for the second after the credits scene: You didn't tell me that the romantic angle was Bruce and Tony!

Me: They're Science Bros forever!

Her: Tony's the damsel in distress! It's *awesome*!
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Fandom: DF
Pairing: Thomas Raith/Harry Dresden
Warning: Incest - consensual, adult incest between two siblings
Kinks: teasing, semipublic sex, fingering, gags, first time, controlled orgasm

Non-angsty incest? Yes, yes I think this qualifies.

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Dear self,

It's an Avengers mpreg. Exactly how medically correct do you think it needs to be? Really?

Yeah. That's what I thought.

Now stop worrying about it so you can finish writing the damn thing.

Also, go to bed dammit.
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Fandom: DF
Pairings: Lord Raith/Harry Dresden, Karrin Murphy/Harry Dresden, Lord Raith/Karrin Murphy
Warnings: NONCON, White Court whammie, CHARACTER DEATH
Kinks: wound play, blood play, masturbation
Note: fill for DFKM

hell, handbasket, etc.

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Fandom: DF
Pairing: Marcone/Dresden
Warnings: Ghosts, off screen, historic character death, description of a nightmare involving being buried alive

I would totally be the moron going to a haunted island just because

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I want to buy Hawkeye/Avengers trades and gorge myself on them but I can't decide which ones to buy.


You know what this means? 

I'm going to be rearranging my comics this weekend and rereading all the Avengers stuff I own.
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Fandom: Avengers (2012)
Characters: Loki, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov
Warnings: Mind Control, Angst


So, yeah. I wrote an Avengers fic. Because the world needs more Hawkeye fic.
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Fandom: DF
Pairings: Harry Dresden/John Marcone, Molly Carpenter/Carlos Ramirez
No warnings on this one.

dragons are fun, even when it's just a cameo dragon

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Fandom: DF
Pairings: none
Crossover with Criminal Minds

profiling a wizard

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Fandom: DF
Pairings: Harry Dresden/John Marcone, Nathan Hendricks/Harry Dresden
Warnings: Breathplay, Prostitution

oh, boys.

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Dreamt of the zombie apocalypse last night. Woke up before I could find out if I and my band of plucky survivors would make it.

And now I'm sad that I will never know the answer.


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